A Force on the water...

There are rare points in time in the boating industry when innovation and practicality converge, and the result is a game-changing advancement. That time has come, and the outboard-powered center console yacht world is about to be rocked by the new line of hybrid, center console sport fishing machines being developed by Sea Force Center Consoles.

We have designed vessels that are as comfortable fishing a high-stakes offshore tournament as they are island-hopping the Bahamas with your family. This rare convergence blends a monster fishing machine with the livability only available on an express, on a unique, purpose-driven hull form.

Sea Force is aggressively focused on looking to the future, and the trend towards higher horsepower outboards determining the design of the hull, rather than retrofitting old designs to make new engines work. The entire line is a masterfully engineered, turn-key vessel with many industry-firsts. Our product philosophy extends throughout the 410, 460, 510, 560 and 610 models of our fleet.​



The Sea Force Difference

In conjunction with DLBA Naval Architects, the team at Sea Force Center Consoles has developed a first-of-its-kind “hybrid” hull design. Together, they set out on a goal of creating a “best of both worlds” between stepped and non-stepped hulls, while not carrying over any of the downsides of either one. Our hybrid hull combines an aggressively high deadrise, unique strake pattern, a dynamic keel pad, and a multifaceted transom step. What is the result? A hull form that is unlike any other center console boat on the water.

Our unique strake geometry serves several purposes. It helps to shed water cleanly for a dryer ride. The reduced drag works to improve performance, while improving the quality of the ride at speed and the outer strake essentially functions as a double chine, which makes the hull perform like that of a narrower boat.

This dynamic keel pad channels water into the pad and helps create stable tracking in high-speed turns. The additional lift the pad generates works to maintain plane and become efficient at extremely low speeds, virtually eliminating bow rise.

The multifaceted transom step provides an overall reduction in drag and allows for an optimal flow of clean water to the props, which increases efficiency. It also helps achieve the high-performance ability without the excess drag of a stepped hull at lower speeds.

If you’re going to aim as high as SFCC is aiming, there can be no shortcuts. To that end, we start by molding every part for a flawless fit & finish. From there, the molded stringer grid was meticulously designed to provide consistency in fit & function. Features include built in fish boxes, storage, interior details, as well as a thoughtfully engineered mechanical layout with dedicated locations for every major component, transducer, etc.

In keeping with our hybrid theme, we had a specific lamination process engineered to surpass ISO structural standards, combining Carbon Fiber with multidirectional fiberglass. These components, along with vacuum infusion technology, are utilized to keep the vessel as light and strong as possible. To further ensure that, each one of our vessels is built to meet NMMA standards and CE certification.

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